Thursday, October 19, 2006

OOOhhh Internet!!!

A friend asked me this question a couple of days ago: Would you rather go two years without any sort of sex (which includes both genital and oral), or go two years without being able to use the internet?
Go ahead, take a minute and think about it for yourself.
This question is obviously a difficult one to answer. Yet after a few moments of reasoning, most people say that they would rather go two years without sex.
The aforementioned conclusion actually makes sense, because it has become almost impossible to exist socially, academically, or even personally without the use of the internet.
Evidently, the strangest aspect of our relatively new-found dependency on the internet isn’t the amount of time that we use it, but rather the relative importance of its role in our lives.
Approximately 11 years ago I had to beg my parents to sign up for Prodigy Internet, which involved me basically explaining to them what the internet was. And now, for many of us, it's more important than sex.
Humans sure can adapt quickly.
In 30 years kids are gonna be blogging whether you would rather go 2 years without sex, or 2 years without your flying car.


Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

You're absolutely right. I didn't have internet at home for a couple weeks, and I constantly felt that I was missing something. It's not just about interacting with other people anymore, or buying shit; we(or maybe just I) need the internet to think.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

I don't know...there's a difference between losing the internet completely, which most people in America literally can't afford to do, and not being able to use it to surf--for pleasure purposes, basically. My own life would be screwed if basic emailing and paper-forwarding functions were taken away--but would I trade the other stuff (which means Huffy Crew--argh!) faced with the prospect of no sex? Also, depends on when. Right now in my life?

Actually I know the answer. Let me have my sex! Not for the phyisical pleasure involved, but just because its so damned interesting and (cheese alert) tends to teach you more about life. Is this the answer of a person who is single for the first time in six years? Probably.

7:20 PM  
Blogger kushakov said...

I would take the sex and join the Amish.

8:26 PM  
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