Monday, May 07, 2007

Does MTV suck?

Sometimes I question myself for saying that MTV sucks now; perhaps it's just a new era and the kids like different kinds of music and shit. But when I see videos like this, I'm convinced that music television was a beautiful thing which has been forgotten...

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Blogger Josh said...

I started noticing the suckiness of MTV back around 2000. It's no secret that nowadays a band's image is just as important (if not more important) than the music they create, especially in terms of their MTV based popularity. This problem(?) appears to be worse than ever, forcing bands that might previously had seen some airtime on MTV to find avenues of success elsewhere. But with the freedom that the internet provides, this is easily accommodated by the efficiency of the virtual marketplace. (A good band will eventually find exposure, with or without MTV). This is obvious.

Around the same time I started to notice MTV's suckiness, my younger brother (in middle school at the time) also independently noticed it. Before we discussed our mutual realizations, I toyed with the idea that this was a "new era" where "the kids like[d] a different kind of music;" but I soon concluded that I am a reasonable, perceptive human being, and MTV was actually getting much, much suckier.

Yet I still watch The Real World. OMG, did you see how drunk Davis got last episode?!?!

P.S. 5-000, when was the last time you watched MTV for a decent amount of time?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

I honestly can't remember. The only thing I can remember watching in the last couple of years is maybe the Real World at your house during college. I see videos periodically, but that's when someone has the premium channels playing at a party or something. I guess MTV could be good and I wouldn't even know it, but I'm not gonna worry about it.

3:38 PM  

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