Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zombie Clone Of The ALDaily Digital Watch.

Apropos of the title- They LIVE! By 'they' I mostly just mean Denis Dutton's raging, increasingly megalomaniacal desire to turn the site into a plush-armchair liberal diss-fest. Just a quick run-through of what crafty old Dutton's snuck onto the ledgers this time:

The West ought to pursue peaceful engagement with Iran, many believe. But the arrest of Haleh Esfandiari makes clear that the mullahs understand nothing other than brute force... more» ... more»

Ahmadinejad’s promise to wipe Israel off the map has not been taken seriously the West. It should be – and we ought to bomb Iran, says Norman Podhoretz... more»

European leaders mean well but are naive in their stance on Turkey, says Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Turkish liberals need the army in the struggle with the Islamicists... more»

Violently imposing a socialist or Islamic society is justified in the same way by Marx and Sayyid Qutb: if people were really free, they’d accept this fate instantly, joyously... more»

Londonistan calling. How a nation moved from cricket and fish-and-chips to burkas and shoe bombers in a single generation... more»

Western analysts bleat on about the strategic importance of that backward, oil-rich area we call the Middle East. Why not just ignore it?... more»

That's not everything, I just didn't want to scroll more than about halfway down. I mean, wow. Also, I've noticed that somehow it's still fun or interesting to pull punches at communism, even with our infinitely amusing new Muslamic diversion; it seems about as relevant as making fun of that darned "Catholic hating Know-Nothing Party".

The rest of the pieces on the website, however, are written by and about many excellent white people of high moral fibre and standing within their communities.



Blogger Scantron said...

I am pleased to see the A&L Daily Watch meme resuscitated by so worthy a successor; as Cephalus says to Polemarchus in Republic I, I make you the sole inheritor of my estate.

I actually emailed Duton when he ran the last truly egregious article by some JihadWatch nut, telling him in so many words that I didn't care for a website that didn't weed out such garbage, and he actually replied, but played innocent as to how terrible the article in question was. Oh well.

4:39 AM  
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