Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Food Blogging=Flogging?

Blake Hounshnell, over at the normally excellent Passport blog, goes a wee bit callous on us this morning:
The International Herald Tribune reports on the latest from Egypt. So far, seven people have died of either fights or exhaustion from waiting in line for subsidized bread. (Curious, since people don't generally wait in line in Egypt.)

The rising cost of food is of course a serious problem both outside and inside the U.S. I'd say it's about time we get another economic bubble started already.


Blogger The Sheriff said...

Egyptians would much rather starve than wait in line. It is their anti-disciplinary resistance manifesting itself. The last time bread subsidies were almost cut, during the Sadat regime if i recall, there were riots in the street. Egyptians are not normally so active, but it goes to show...something I guess. Another interesting tidbit, the subsidy program used to be vastly more inclusive, but since the tripartite structural adjustment policy went into effect in 1991, subsidies were cut to only four staples (bread, cooking oil and two others i forget). When you look at the average egyptian's diet these days you can see how politics inscribes itself on the body, hearkening in a way to Kafka's "device" in the penal colony

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