Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Media Trends.

A trend in television - which will soon become ubiquitous - is for people on television to say what people think but can't say for whatever reason. You may think that Howard Stern pioneered this - but that is not the case - in actuality he was really the pioneer of taking entertainment to a whole new level of filth.

I am talking about news shows, culture, and political shows saying what people think but can not say. Keith Olbermann is the one who started this trend with his outright radical and indignation laced show. Here is CNN's version: "Ronald Martin's Sound-Off"

It is based on the evidence that on cable people watch shows which reinforce their own existing views. This has been known since O'Reily. But it is expanded in that these new shows are adaptations whereby the hosts say the things that not everyone can say.

Of course, in the end, it means people will feel it is ok to say them. The media sets the norm and thus the law.


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I disagree.

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