Thursday, October 09, 2008

How did I miss this?

Just wanted to let everyone know how surprised and excited I am to see a socialist ticket poised to win the election so handily.


Blogger Scantron said...

In all seriousness, there's not much that I can add to what has already been said out of concern for the actual physical safety of Obama and his campaign. It's funny what a difference a few months of successful campaigning brings: back during the Republican convention I noted McCain's bipartisan attitude, apparently in an attempt to capture swing voters in a bad-looking election year for Republicans.

That plan having obviously failed, it's been amazing and frightening to see the negative campaigning switch on like clockwork. Jonah Goldberg's unique researches notwithstanding, McCain's rallies are beginning to look like brownshirt conventions. You've probably seen the videos: people lined up for the events, calling Obama and his supporters "traitors" and "commie faggots." This has long been a tactic of right-wing commentators, whose bluff is called as soon as they have to admit that President Bush still meets with Democratic leaders despite the fact that they have "betrayed" the nation. Paid bloggers are likely to be full of shit, but some deadbeat wingnut off the street can't be trusted not to do something crazy.

It's not that I expect anything to happen, necessarily (although the absence of violence doesn't necessarily mean you're not a banana republic). But there's a greater danger here of resentment continually brewing after Obama's (almost certain) election. Political polarization is nothing new, but what will the difference be when the most backwards part of the population thinks that the President is a terrorist -- that he isn't even an *American*?

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Blogger The Sheriff said...

Workers of the world, get fucked!

11:07 PM  

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