Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nose Dive

"Washington University is blessed with financial strength. However, the value of the invested assets of the University has declined considerably during the months since the start of this fiscal year (FY09) that began on July 1, 2008. Since July 1, the value of the endowment has declined approximately 25%."
-Mark S. Wrighton

Just got this email today, but the (abjected) shit is hitting the academic fan all over. For the graduate students out there, consider a union:


Blogger Robot said...

It's such a sweet time to enter the profession. I'm so psyched that the opportunity cost of being in grad school will pay for itself later on when I'm *a motherfucking Ichabod Crane type itinerant professor who travels from town to town begging for food and boarding in return for a few lessons on American history before being on my way.*

For obvious reasons I've been thinking about what the economic situation will mean for higher education financing. As you suggest, trends were so bad BEFORE this all happened. Barring an epistemic break with the past that witnesses New Deal-WWII-Cold War-era infusions of federal dollars into universities, I'm not optimistic.

11:33 PM  
Blogger dchan said...

is that why WU keeps emailing me asking for money? seriously.
robot, you should openly advertise yourself as an 'ichabod crane,' it sounds better than 'adjunct'

6:14 AM  

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