Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kiss the rings, bitch!

look at their faces! what a bunch of supplicants.

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Blogger Sebonde said...

Nazi Pope? Oh, dchan, such a cheap potshot is beneath you. Yes, Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the HJ. Membership for youth was all but mandatory. You can blast Ratzinger for cowardice, I suppose, for not having the guts to resist membership that was pretty much foisted upon him, but you can't say that he was ever a convinced Nazi. He never attended any of the HJ meetings. And when he was drafted, he deserted the Nazi Army before even firing a single shot.

Now, there is, of course, the thorny problem of Bishop Williamson. I have written at length about this on my weblog at analogiaentis.blogspot.com. The gist of what I wrote is that the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunication has enabled the Pope to tell Williamson basically to shut the fuck up, and if you read the news of the Williamson affair, the Pope did indeed get Williamson to shut the fuck up.

Finally, this Nazi Pope was even more blunt in his opposition to the Nazi Doctrine of Preventive War than Pope John Paul II ever was. As Cardinal Ratzinger he quipped sarcastically, "Preventive war? Where's that in the Catechism?" His opposition to the neo-con nazi imperialism has been so fierce that it has given Justin Raimando a hard-on. Raimando has even gone so far as to call this Pope a Chomskyite. And, I beg you, dchan, to read the much maligned Regensburg Address again. Except for Scantron's posts no more thorough critique of neo-con nazi imperialism has yet been written. Nazi Pope? I think not.

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Blogger ShimShick said...

God forbid someone criticizes the head of the world's largest pedophile cult.

Funny how the Vatican just vetoed Obama's appointees for ambassador, shows where the real Power is. One has to love how they called the appointment of Caroline Kennedy an "insult" due to her stance on abortion, as if the Vatican wasn't one of the most pro-death institutions ever.


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