Friday, May 22, 2009

The Newest Jams from Run RNC

Last week the Republican National Committee's plans to call the Democrats the "Democratic Socialist Party" sadly failed.  In the wake of a president who plans on drastically ramping up federal spending, ratcheting up at least one inherited war, tackling racial issues, and expressing empathy for the worst-off in society, the GOP has rightly called out this 21st century Lyndon Johnson for who he is: a socialist!

I was surprised, then, to wake up this morning and find that the Republicans are emulating the lowest moments of Johnson's tenure.  No, I'm not talking about any of the entitlement payments, or the signing of the Civil Rights Act, or even those aspects of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that forever eroded the sovereignty of great educating states like Mississippi to determine educational outcomes.  I'm talking about the Daisy Ad.  The Republicans have copied it (below):

In a way I think that maybe Democrats should be happy about this.  The Johnson ad always kind of ushers in creepy feelings about a moment (and there were many others, and will continue to be others) when the Democrats out-Republicaned the Republicans.  At least now I feel like the GOP has decided to take ownership over this ad--which, for the record, only ran once due to its controversial nature.  

Now is the time for the Democrats to copy that Willy Horton ad, replacing Horton with a white corporate executive, but keeping the kidnapping, stabbing, and raping lines.   


Blogger scantron said...

Does anyone remember when *both* Presidential candidates were promising to close Guantanamo in 2008? And then when all those Republicans *voted* for a candidate who had pledged to close Gitmo? WTF? I can only assume McCain would've dropped this measure faster than the Obama admin has?

10:17 AM  
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