Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Culture Shock and Awe II

I'm sitting in a McDonald's in Cairo because it was the closest/only place I could find with Wi-Fi. There are three Germans talking to a vieled woman in German beside me, it's about midnight but there were just children wide awake for dinner behind me, and there's arabic hip-hop playing on the sound system. At least I didn't order the Mc Arabia (Two kofta "patties," tahini lettuce and onions on pita), right? There's a conversation in front of me taking place in sign language.

This is not reality, I must be asleep. This is not my dream though, I have entered Tom Friedman's wet dream--

I'm cringing in anticipation of the climax.


Blogger Robot said...

Wow. The world is flat after all. Speaking of our new interconnected world, here's a quicky for some members of the Wash Av crew: did you know that out of the five people who have graduated from Washington University with a humanities degree, two of them are Fulbright teaching assistants in Madrid? Any light bulbs going off, IPH fans? Think "trailblazer."

11:15 AM  

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