Thursday, May 10, 2007

Missile Defense Update

It looks like the Democratic Congress is finally heading my calls, having begun to question the Bush Administration's show of manly manliness on the Eastern European front, even while hundreds of thousands of Iranian missiles await their imminent release into space.

So far, I must say in general I'm fairly pumped about this Congress -- and especially the House.


Blogger curry king said...

Senate has been more of a downer, I agree. With the news cycle over here in the states, there's a thinning line between reporting on the presidential race and reporting on the Senate, since so many of the candidates are from the Senate. So it's hard to find out what each of the major players are doing independent of their presidential aspirations (if they are doing anything indepedendent of their presidential aspirations---now that's a different question).

I don't know much about the missile defense, but I'm glad the Congress isn't turning a blind eye to Bush's new hawkishness in Europe. I'm really impressed with how well Pelosi has handled the constant attacks she has received from the right -- whether it be in relation to her Syria trip, her aggressiveness on Iraq, or her bold moves on the environment -- I think she has held her fort down well. Harry Reid, not so much. But I suppose he is in a different position, with a more tenuous majority to tend to.

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