Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Most Powerful Man in the World's news station on strategy and tactics

Ah, I see how this works. We are to understand that it's not the President who's stalling on drawing down troops from Iraq, but the Democrats: "Dems Rip Bush Plan to Cut Troops." Apparently these stubborn Dems can't be satisfied with Petraeus's "massive" troop reductions. Bear in mind that these are the "surge" troops, the ones who were sent to Iraq as the result of a "massively" unpopular plan. Kindly remember my "spit in the eye" metaphor from the other day. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at these distortions by now, but this struck me as especially duplicitous. Also, I really liked this bit from Tony Snow: "I mean, it's pretty clear that it's not a war without end. And as a matter of fact, it is a war that actually has victory as its aim."

Someday, someone might be able to show me what exactly is incongruous about those two sentences, but for now they look pretty darn compatible. Actually, there's a hidden middle term that connects them quite nicely: "We have victory as our aim. But victory is impossible. Therefore, we have impossibility as our aim, i.e. we are involved in an endless war." Tony, the crypto-logician!

Also, via Curry's ever-helpful site, I see that John "There's Not a Lie I Won't Say to Get My Fear-Mongering Hand In Your Collective Pants" McCain made September 11 a special day on his "No Surrender" tour. This comment made me especially happy that McCain's failed-campaign ass is flying coach these days:

The important thing about Sept. 11 is that it not be repeated. And if we leave Iraq, then it will be repeated."

More logical propositions! How about this one: If John McCain becomes President of the United States, then there actually is a God and He hates you and me and all of His children.


Blogger Josh said...

Headline from the New York Post earlier this week:
4 STARS: Gen. Dazzles Congress with Iraq Testimony

8:07 AM  
Blogger John Liberty said...

Your logical propositions point is interesting. The degree to which they are being used today is, historically speaking, a new way of campaigning. It has brazen.

For example, when Mitt Romney was asked why his kid's aren't fighting in Iraq and contributing to the national good, he replied that they are. They are helping him get elected. And followed that with "if you want to help your country you will help me get elected."

I receive Adage Daily in my email everyday. It is a marketing newsletter detailing strategy. One of the strategies they recently talked about was Quiznos. Quiznos has signs in its store that pose a question and give an answer. For example:

"How healthy is Quizno's bread?

"Quizno's puts all the finest ingredients into its subs to create a one of a kind, world class, meal that is ranked as delicious. With a drink its moreso!"

Question answered. Its the same method the candidates use to market themselves. I can sense your anger about this in relation to Iraq and the Bush administration. I feel you.

11:33 AM  

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