Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Reading the Previews

This article sums it up pretty nicely, and also just happens to be my favorite Onion article of all time.

What's remarkable about this one is how profoundly American it is. Nevermind the massive and purposeful destruction unleashed by American automakers on consumers, transportation infrastructure, and the environment. Nevermind the logic of big business vis-a-vis the little man. Here, finally, is the movie we've all been waiting for, about how the tenured professor doesn't get recognition for the one thing the public actually cares about professors doing: inventing useful stuff. I'm sure it's a good story, and I'm sure it nicely distinguishes between good and evil, but I'll be mighty disappointed if the string of reasonably good, big-budget anti-corporate movies of the last ten years (The Insider, Michael Clayton, Erin Brockovich, etc.) turn to these even more atomized and distracting portraits of individual injustice.


Blogger Scantron said...

And how does Javier Bardem choose which lady to ravish first?

"Call it, friendo."

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