Monday, October 13, 2008


UPDATE: BUT SRSLY, if you really want to figure out what this award is all about (instead of listening to Liberty's ramblings), you might want to start here and here.


Blogger Scantron said...

Interesting comments from Caplan. Pretty misleading, though: "the world's most famous left-wing economist."

Samir Amin is a left-wing economist. The late Andrew Glyn was a left-wing economist. Amartya Sen is more left-wing than Krugman (and perhaps more famous, even!). Same for Max Sawicky, Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis -- the last being debatable; he seems to have gotten much more conservative, and called Kurgman a "liberal hack" in a review on Amazon -- and Sawicky replied! Stiglitz is probably also more left. Those people are all more "left-wing" than Krugman, and in very different ways. Krugman is arguably more famous than all of them (probably the most read thanks to his Times column), which really makes him the "left-most most famous economist." But he's an American liberal, and it's absurd to call him "left-wing" when there are people like Amin making Marxist/world-system economic arguments.

Second, the idea that Caplan and Krugman have much of anything to say to each other politically is a joke. Caplan is a libertarian paternalist who believes that people should have their political freedoms curtailed in order that the country achieve certain desirable (libertarian) economic outcomes. See here:

Needless to say, Krugman is not like that.

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Blogger John Liberty said...

Ha Ha. "Ramblings." The post is an archive of actual statements - both from Libery and from Krugman.

I hope you're not calling Krugman rambling. If you are calling my parts rambling, realize they are in response to Krugman and are sound arguments, as indicated by the fact Krugman switched positions.

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