Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. The news that Afghanistan is now attempting to market pomegranates instead of poppy is simply terrific news. My own personal relationship with pomegranates is deeply intertwined with other Huffy Crew bloggers: I was introduced to the juicy snack by the Sheriff, and was convinced of their incredible antioxidant potential by austin5000.

2. The English language completely lacks a good antonym for privatize. Nationalize just doesn't cut it, as there are plenty of instances when things are un-privatized but not nationalized: municipal ownership of utilities, transportation, etc. being one clear example.

3. The breaking news of Mukasey collapsing while giving a speech is unfortunate. That said, have you ever heard of such a thing happening outside of the movies?

Here is one of my favorites. (Phillip Baker Hall's collapse in Magnolia also is up there...)


Blogger Josh said...

Mukasey Footage (pretty disturbing):

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