Friday, June 12, 2009

I See Dead Pit Bulls

Animal lovers poured their emotions and their wallets into this week's story that a Pit Bull in Baltimore City had been purposefully set on fire, and as a result, euthanized.  They protested. They raised $26,000 as a bounty on the killers' head.  The Baltimore Sun ran headlines for days about the story.  Who did it?  (Two teenagers.)  Was the pit bull (name: Pheonix) previously used for dog fights?  (Duh.)  For humanists like myself, things were looking rough for a few days.  And then the Sun published a much appreciated little story about Veda Allen, whose son was pointlessly shot in the head and killed almost twenty years.  Long story short: nobody gave a shit.  Nor do I remember people spontaneously raising $26,000 for any of the dozens of motivationless murders that happen every year in Baltimore.  Hats off to the Sun, then, for putting some context on this story.