Saturday, November 21, 2009

Arts and Letters Biannually

As I've been checking the blog again thanks to some lovely posts by my fellow Huffy-Crewians, I looked just to the left of where the posts go to remember that we're linking to Arts and Letters Daily. I had not checked the site probably in at least two years, not since the last hate fest we had for the site on this blog, so I clicked through to it just to see what they were up to. And just like those people from high school who are woefully the exact same person they were years ago only a little pudgier, AL Daily seems to be in love with the same damn topics. Just among the first few posts we see:

  • Two bits about religion, from a liberally detached sociological perspective
  • Something about Jane Austen (Is there a movie coming out that I don't know about?)
  • A post on Isaiah Berlin
  • And a post on why public officials have to be so woefully politically correct ("like college diversity deans") when dealing with the fact that it was a Muslim who shot all those people at Ft. Hood
  • etc.
Not to get too deep into a critique of the whole liberalism blahblahlbah, but all I can think is that I would absolutely hate to have dinner with these people.