Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VA and MS Take Hot-Tub Time Machine Back to the (18)'80s

Quite a week for Virginia and Mississippi. First, slavery receives no mention in Governor Robert McDonnel's Confederate History Month. Next, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour defended McDonnel's decision by claiming that Americans angry at the omission were "trying to make a big deal out of something that doesn't matter for diddly." Today, we learn that one Mississippi county has received an order from a federal judge to cease and desist its segregationist policies. And, going back to Virginia, the editorial page of the Washington Post (Yes, the editorial page of the Washington Post--not exactly Cornell West) proclaims that Virginia's policy of stripping ex-cons of the right to vote amounts to "Jim Crow by another name." I was surprised when Bill Moyers had Michelle Alexander on his program the other week to discuss her book with the same thesis, thinking she was too radical for public television. Good to see the mainstream media not being shy to call out good ol' fashioned racism for what it is.


Blogger scantron said...

What Yankee carpetbaggers like Robot don't understand is that Barbour meant that the issue of slavery doesn't matter to *Bo* Diddley, famous son of Mississippi whose success offers living (er, dead) proof that racism is no longer an issue in America.

12:39 AM  
Blogger The Sheriff said...

The Mainstream media has been pointing out the racism (and racialism) of Barack Obama's policies for months now. I don't know who you're thinking was shy

12:45 AM  
Blogger Robot said...

What will happen to us when the racialists take over America?

7:40 PM  
Blogger scantron said...

I thought Hot Tub Time Machine was pretty funny, btw. But maybe it was just their use of a Scritti Politti song in the soundtrack.

When racialists take over America, it will be just as hostile as South Africa became to Eugene Terre'Blanche. (Honestly, this is just an excuse for you guys to Wikipedia this name, his story is horrible and incredible.)

12:36 PM  
Blogger Robot said...

Wow. I remember somebody being thrown to lions in South Africa, I believe, also. Brutal, but deserved. After watching Breaker Morant I can't stop thinking about those Boers. Who the fuck are these people? They seem to throw a wrench in my understanding of Weber's Protestant Work Ethic. Also Hot Tub Time Machine WAS very funny.

7:33 PM  
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