Saturday, January 07, 2006

"He's sort of a right wing nut"

The above phrase was spoken by a Wash U professor in reference to one Victor Davis Hanson, Classical scholar and conservative commentator. And it was nothing if not correct! Here, feed upon his mighty wisdom. In this bizarre bit of bloviating and self-importance, VD tells Europe to wipe the sand from its vagina and join us in the war on terrorism.

The words of a poet: "Indeed, so far has global culture devolved in caving to Islamism that we fear that only two places in the world are now safe for a Jew to live in safety — and Europe, the graveyard of 20th-century Jewry, is tragically not among them. Cry the beloved continent." Cry the beloved continent? He uses this phrase four times in the piece.

"But in the last 15 years, and especially after 9/11, heaven did not come to earth, that instead became a more dangerous place than ever before. Worse, in the meantime you lost the goodwill of the United States, which you demonized, I think, on the understanding that there would never be real repercussions to your flamboyant venom." You lost the goodwill of the United States? Uh...

And finally, the coup de grace: "The world is becoming a more dangerous place, despite your new protocols of childlessness, pacifism, socialism, and hedonism. Islamic radicalism, an ascendant Communist China, a growing new collectivism in Latin America, perhaps a neo-czarist Russia as well, in addition to the famine and savagery in Africa, all that and more threaten the promise of the West." Look, if you were searching for potential enemies, you could have the tact to stop at Russia before insinuating that starving Africans pose a threat to the United States. Yeesh.


Blogger The Sheriff said...

First, I think that the open letter to a continent is a superb idea. It's inspired me to write one to Antarctica about how the fact that its so cold and icy makes me sad in the morning.

Second, I'm not sure what the origin of that phrase "cry, the..." is, but its all over the net with articles about Africa's plight.

Third, the VD, as a scholar of the classics, recognizes the ressentiment that Africans posessed after Phaeton burned their skin in his ill-fated chariot ride. They've been biding their time so far, but danger lurks around every corner

Fourth, and perhaps more seriously, the fact that "the world is becoming a more dangerous place despite..." is a damned stupid statement. This is roughly equivalent to saying that the environment is getting worse despite the fact that I'm planting trees. Now, the analogy isn't perfect, but I think it shows that he's nutters, or perhaps just a meany.

This article fails to mention Ariel Sharon. Why? Is VD that insensitive?

These people aren't worth anyone's time, I say mulch em and use them for food for the starving Africans, lest their hunger drive them towards sweeter prey

3:37 AM  
Blogger dchan said...

"Second, I'm not sure what the origin of that phrase "cry, the..." is, but its all over the net with articles about Africa's plight."

Sherief, the origin of the phrase is the title of a high-school-level book by Alan Paton about South Africa/apartheid entitled "Cry the Beloved Country."

When this guy talks about starving Africans as posessing a threat, might he be referring obliquely to famine as it results in/fuels civil wars? Rather than excuse the comment, it undervalues it because it is the West (namely the US) who, using Privitized Military Firms (PMFs) and other shady behind the scenes economic deals, exacerbates these kind of situations.

1:02 PM  
Blogger jawsh said...

You mean "resentment." Let's not get too "huffy" here, Nietzsche.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

One can never get too Huffy. Viva obscurantist posturing!

5:34 PM  
Blogger The Sheriff said...

Listen, you say difference, I say differance. love it.

5:40 PM  

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