Thursday, May 11, 2006


<-Focault finger puppet In my quest to generate mass interest in "Philosophy" I have come across many crazy professors attempting to popularize their own disciplines. One such anthropology profesor, a woman, had called the Oprah Winfrey show in a desperate bid for stardom. She believed Oprah would be fascinated by "anthroplogical theory" and "the lens [it provides] for an explanation of our world." I wanted to tell her it was ridiculous but she had an incoming call on her bluetooth headset. The problem is that the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, a startup company founded by unemployed academics that speciazlizes in gimmicks for the cutesy intellectual is making millions. Last year their annual return was over 16 million dollars(their most popular item is the Screaming Scream). A lot of their products are sold in museums and art galleries including the MET and MOMA.

This serves to highlight a burgeoning industry - intellectualism. Its everywhere. I would tell you all about it if I didnt have this bartender babe sitting right behind me. All I can say is, lets not fall behind the curve here, guys. We may be able to make money, and that is what matters the most.


Blogger Sebonde said...

I hope, Mr. Fishstix, that you were just being post-modernly cynical when you declared that what matters most is making money. True philosophers, you should know, are poor because they want to live lives of integrity, and this is hard to do in a society of consumerist capitalism that tends to whore everything it touches.

I hope your intentions with that "Bartender Babe" were honorable. Perhaps, this hope is naive.

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