Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election thread

I feel like Atrios, but let's talk about the election. To start out: which is worse, knowing that you work with people who voted for George Allen or working in a state where two major highways are named after Jeffferson Davis and Robert E. Lee?

Jim Lindgren at the Volokh Conspiracy has projected a Webb victory. That would be orgasmic. As a long-time democratic voter, I know not to get my hopes up; hopefully, the Republicans will learn that lesson in Virginia tonight.

Double update:
Here's CNN's feed on ballot measures. As usual a lot of them are really cool and alot are really lame. Colorado and Nevada both have marijuana legalization initiatives that look like they're going to be defeated, although right now Nevada is somewhat close with 43% for and 57% against and only 21% of precincts reporting. Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Ohio are all raising their mimium wage. The South Dakota referendum on an abortion ban has failed, 58% to 42% at the moment. That makes me really happy. Maybe 8 states have banned homosexual gay queer marriage--lame. Missouri may or may not do stem cells; I predict the law protecting research will pass.
Ohio is not allowing slot machines, which is pretty interesting, as we have seen curbs on gambling erode in many areas in the last decade. Arizona may or may not ban gay marriage, but a bill that would require a $1 Million reward to some lucky voter has failed. It seems like those who are voting want others to vote for the same reasons they do. Interesting, considering recent discussions.


Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

On a more positive note, when we finally do get all the returns in, I am going to have a beer and remember the times when all of this would have been unbelievable. We've come far since 2004.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

I got on the blog to post a comment just like yours...surely we at Huffy Crew are not above election blogging!

The house victories just keep rolling in. Personally it gives me great pleasure to bid adieu to Curt Weldon and especially Rick Santorum. The latter just got creamed! Also, my man Steve Cohen picked up Harold Ford Jr.'s congressional seat. Everyone's now saying Webb's ahead. If Webb pulls it off, McCaskill wins in MO, and Tester beats Burns in MT, this could be a HUGE night. I never thought Ford Jr. would get it in TN, so I'm not too disappointed there. I envy you your beer--I've got Sallust to translate! (Perhaps the one could lubricate the other...)

11:22 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

Tennessee is one of the states that has overwhelmingly passed a same-sex marriage ban (no language in the bill about civil unions, though, I don't think). I was extremely proud to see the TN Democratic Party office denounce the referendum. Ford Jr. promoted it, though--he has really relentlessly gone for the conservative vote (which is understandable, I suppose). He supports the Iraq war and even asked for an "apology" from John Kerry recently. Lame, but as I say, typical for TN.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

Don't forget the MI anti-affirmative action bill--that's how you respond to a supreme court ruling, I guess. Also, Arizona "adopts English as official language"--hmm. If you notice in the VA race, GG Parker, an "independent green," has 25,000 votes. Don't know who those would go to, as these particular Greens are actually "fiscally conservative, socially responsible," whatever that means. Good for people for voting their preferences, though.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

Other notable first-time occurrences:

Bernie Sanders (nominally Independent, really Democratic Socialist) wins VT. This is the first time *ever* a socialist has held a Senate seat. I suppose Eugene V. Debs would be proud, although of course Sanders is much less militant. I'm popping a Heineken, Sallust be damned!

Rep. Keith Ellison is now the first Muslim member of Congress.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Scantron said...

Final post of the night, it's looking more and more like Tester, McCaskill, and Webb are going all the way. But tomorrow morning you won't need me to tell you that, you'll have the news...

1:12 AM  
Blogger Robot said...

Still too close to call in the senate it appears. Excellent evening, if you ask me. I will now experience the first day of being a proud American abroad.

Well put on Allen, by the way. It does make you wonder who these other 49% are. They may be racist, but at least they're not antisemites.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

In other racist republican news, we should note that Trent Lott easily maintained his senate seat in Mississipi.
And it looks like Allen's not gonna win after all. Poor little recount baby.

9:18 AM  

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