Thursday, June 07, 2007

G-8 Protesters: You're lame

Apropos of this NYTimes article about the G-8 conference's protesters, people need to think about the usefulness of their protests. Whatever has been on the agenda in years past, the current conference is:
  1. creating a forum for discussion of global warming and its prevention and,
  2. bringing Bush and Putin into dialogue at what seems to be a turning point in Russo-American relations.
According to the Times, the protesters are rallying against globalization and the "undemocratic" nature of the meetings. Quoth one, "I’m here because this so-called democratic meeting is not democratic."
Well, guess what, guys, you're not going to change that, and the current effect you're having on the meeting is only impeding progress on issues that are (presumably) as important as any others you care about. Knock it off, these annual clashes with the police would be lame even if they weren't counterproductive.


Blogger Josh said...

Same shit, different hippies.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

You live up to your moniker, hippie killer.

4:17 PM  

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