Friday, June 15, 2007

First, a clarification: I never said that I was the one screaming at the LA County Court Press Conference. How could I be in LA if I was in NY? Do you think I was trying to trick you into thinking I was in two places at the same time? That just doesn't make sense.

Marjorie I see where you erred. Eugene Levy is also a Jewish-Candian who was at the conference that day. He has the same rustic, woodsy Canadian look that I have but with a severe Judaic twist. His was probably the painfully neurotic yelling.

Second, an epitaph: At the dem debates every candidate seemed like they were whining, as if after every vitrolic criticism they expected us to say "OH GAWD", or "HEY YEAH, SENATOR CLINTON'S RIGHT, WE GOT PROBLEMS." Such inspiring tirades as "this is George Bush's war! He is responsible for this war! He started the war!" really got me energized....against her. Wow, Hillary, no one had any idea it was Bush's war, because we thought it was your war too. But nice defelection manuever. Are they really trying to feed me this dogshit? What kind of people are eating it?

It was the same thing with the Republicans, more self-righteous jabbering and moral indignation. The most common talking point on CNN postdebate was the fact that Rudy Guliani really handled the situation well when lightening cut off his microphone: "coming from a parochial school, this is a little scary," he said. There was bipartisan consensus on the issue; Anderson Cooper and Dick Morris alike gave Rudy a thumbs up on making us feel at ease during the scary thunderstorm.

Cute comeback Mayor Guliani. It was probably a good thing god smitted you otherwise you might have had to talk about how you've been divorced three times,broke up with one of your wives at a press conference, and dated your second cousin, you good Catholic boy you.

Who believes any of these fucking people? Why are the reporters spending 5 minutes discussing the weather? We know the answer to these questions: because somehow everyone got retarded really fast in this country including the journalists. And no one cares.....


Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

When were things better/more intelligent than they are now? Why do you such high expectations for people?

7:02 PM  
Blogger John Liberty said...

Read one of President Roosevelt's Speeches.

Read the speeches from a Western European country president/prime minister.

Read journalistic writings from the 1940-1960s, look at the issues they focus on, the people they refer to.

The audience was different.

12:56 AM  

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