Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weird witnessings

Yesterday I was riding my bike in the park, when a cab passed me to my right. Another biker rode past and said, "What a jerk. He almost hit you". I hadn't thought the cab had come too close, and was unsure how to respond.
I said to him, "Yeah, they're always doing that." Pause. "See you later!".
He kept riding without saying a word. I noticed he was wearing headphones.

As I walked down the street from my apartment building, I noticed a small matchbox car sitting on the ledge of a building. Wanting to be entranced by this object from my childhood, I began to play with it. This continued for about a minute as I got what I wanted.
Two people walked by; I realized that they were looking at me. I told them, "It was just laying here, I swear!". I'm still not sure what I meant by this or how they interpreted it.

I passed an ostensibly married couple walking down the street. They were silent until I was a few feet ahead of them, when the wife said, "Remember that dog from the beach in Puerto Rico?".
"Yeah," the man said in reply.


Blogger John Liberty said...

I do not believe Austin-5000's judgement is mediocre enough to post such a mundane and useless description of his boring life in New York. Therefore, it is probably a mockery of something.

Maybe it is the mass emails that he recently said "no one cares about" but the sender of those emails.

Poor Austin-5000 can not see beyond himself and lets his jealousy cloud his vision.

Every mass email this here poster has sent has always been received warmly by a majority of people, not everyone, but many people.

On the email about Sender - 4 email responses, 2 male, 2 female

On the email about Ting - 6 emails, one gchat. 4 males, 2 females. A STUNNING SUCCESS.

Funny that I have never received a request to be taken off the list.

Rather, I believe the mass email chain is providing comfort to those who are intellectual unable to participate in this blog and who disdain the snobbery that is rampant, Austin-5000s most recent post included.

The email list will continue to provide accessible worldly issues for those who are offended by academic snobbery and as an alternative to the blog.

Austin-5000 must know that the email list is mostly an extension of the blog and its issues, making it more accessible, and not an attack on him. There is no need to get so defensive.

Please, keep your comments coming regarding the mass email list. I enjoy staying in touch with all of you.

3:07 PM  
Blogger John Liberty said...

Scantron's most recent post about Wes Clark's book "freaking him out" is almost more mundane than Austin-5000's boring life in New York.

Yet he receives no criticism. This is why Austin-5000s views are usually invalid, self-motivated, and largely inconsquential.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Robot said...


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