Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eerie likenesses! Mindblowing doppelganger! Twins!

Lately, Hannah Arendt has returned to wrack our blog-o-brain, mixing local and not-local with fearsome fury. Slowly, ever so creepingly, it has dawned on me: as a young, groundbreaking academic - although certainly not as an old, ground-broken academic - Arendt looked exactly, unmistakably and jaw-droppingly like Judith Butler.

Many eons ago, the Sheriff posted a slew of (mostly male) philosophico-theoretical lookalikes. Let this post continue his work, as a foray into lookalikes of the 'fairer sex.' Gaze onward, and let doubts be dispelled...


Blogger The Sheriff said...

When the letters of Arrendt's and Butler's full names are rearranged, one can form the phrase:

"Brunet Hurtled A Hardhat Jinn"

This seems relevant

9:39 AM  

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