Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Much Different World

It’s the official policy of the Federal Reserve to debase the currency,” Jim Rogers told Keith Fitz-Gerald in an exclusive interview published in the Rude Awakening this morning. “Washington has sent a very clear signal: ‘We want the dollar to decline. We’re gonna do our best to make it decline’…

“[Bernanke] and Greenspan together will probably bring [about] the end of the Federal Reserve. We’ve had two central banks in America that failed. This third central bank will probably fail, too, because of Bernanke and Greenspan.

“The Federal Reserve last week put $200 billion more onto its balance sheet of mortgages. Now I don’t know how big they can expand their balance sheet, but if they keep doing it, there’s only so much they can do. Maybe that balance sheet is infinite. I doubt it. And it can be said to be infinite; they just print money like Zimbabwe or someplace. But that has to come to an end, eventually…

“Well, everybody has to make their own decision. I’m trying to do what the Federal Reserve wants me to do, and I’m selling dollars… All Americans should…”


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