Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nice to know what he spends his time on...

Bush is as dumb as a child. Watch this video and youll see what I mean.

It's so easy to picture him just zooming in an out on the image of the bird's-eye view of his ranch, over and over again. 'Ooo, now I'm gonna use the google to find the White House!'

But what is so shocking about this clip is not his admission to wasting time on Google Earth, nor is it how he calls Google 'the Google' (how much more out of touch can he get); what I find most idiotic about this clip is that you know he has access to satelite images with 100x the capabilities of Google Earth, but he still uses Google Earth.


Blogger Scantron said...

Surely, as with the "internets" incident, Bush knows better. It's just not possible that he doesn't know these things. I think he just does stuff like this to irk people and seem like a "normal guy." My dad does this sort of thing: he'll deliberately say stuff incorrectly, but he does it with the thought "listen, junior, I might not know the jargon but I've got the upper hand in experience." Perhaps that's why I've never been able to get as mad at Bush as some people--he reminds me of my own father (Freudians, go crazy!)

3:58 PM  
Blogger Austin 5-000 said...

I agree completely. See Timothy Noah's article on Rush Limbaugh:

7:57 PM  
Blogger Josh the Hippie Killer said...

Scantron, I disagree.

If George Bush’s verbal foibles were calculated, I guess that would make him pretty darn sharp. But he’s not. Maybe... 5% are calculated (like when he said Browny was doing a heckuva job during Katrina), but I just don’t believe most of his mistakes are done on purpose.

I know it’s a big stretch, but I liken this situation to those who believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, executed by our government in the hopes of gaining support for an Iraqi invasion. We all know this is crazy. And probably the most crazy thing about it is that if the government did plan it and did pull it off successfully, it would mean that the government is 100% competent. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Same thing with Bush.

8:21 PM  

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