Friday, January 05, 2007

El Nino strikes again?!?

Every time we have a warm winter, meteorologists assure us that it is not the fault of global warming. Same situation this winter: “The weather is prone to short-term fluctuations, and forecasters said the mild winter does not necessarily mean global warming is upon us”. But democracies are notoriously unable to deal with science, as our president continues to prove, and the weather seems to be offering repeated “proof” that global warming is occurring. So, no matter what the meteorologist kings believe, as political observers I think we must recognize that warm weather will have an effect on beliefs about global warming, regardless of the true connection between them. It’s pleasurable to imagine that one misunderstanding of science might beneficially counteract another, simply because of the visceral impact on human emotions of the weather.
It’s going to be 71 degrees tomorrow, January 6th, in Washington, DC, and the Supreme Court is on its way to a decision over the global warming case.


Blogger Robert said...

Good God. That is a ridiculous temperature. I see that Yglesias is equally as disturbed by the D.C. climate. What a strange and worrisome world we've created for ourselves.

3:07 PM  
Blogger dchan said...

the facts may change, but my opinions never do. 71 degrees is a great temperature! in all seriousness though, i have been seeing news stories on french television about some of the ski resorts in the french and swiss alps having to use those fake snow machines because it hasn't actually snowed enough yet to open for the season...

1:21 PM  
Blogger Josh the Hippie Killer said...

you know what, I dont really care how eerily warm it currently is in NYC. because as much as this whole global warming thing is gonna suck for our generation, its gonna be so much worse for our grandchildren!

5:02 PM  
Blogger The Sheriff said...

And those bastards deserve everything they've not yet brought upon Themselves

1:31 PM  

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