Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Unintentional neocon irony award, pt. 234,104

Robert Kagan today:
"Would such an action [the "international community" establishing an "international force" to invade Kashmir] violate Pakistan's sovereignty? Yes, but nations should not be able to claim sovereign rights when they cannot control territory from which terrorist attacks are launched. If there is such a thing as a 'responsibility to protect,' which justifies international intervention to prevent humanitarian catastrophe either caused or allowed by a nation's government, there must also be a responsibility to protect one's neighbors from attacks from one's own territory, even when the attacks are carried out by 'non-state actors.'"
"Either way, it would be useful for the United States, Europe and other nations to begin establishing the principle that Pakistan and other states that harbor terrorists should not take their sovereignty for granted."
Um, what? Where can I get my hands on Kagan's magical elixir of forgetting?

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