Thursday, June 22, 2006

Investing in Iraq's Bright Future

Blessed with a certain "6th Sense" for opportunities I recently took it upon myself to purchase half-a-million Iraq Dinars in 25,000 notes. These notes are being shipped to me via a website I discovered that is actually selling Iraqi Dinars. While the Iraqi government has prohibited the export of Iraqi Dinars, a group of "speculators" has obtained a large amount of the currency and is selling it on the internet. The line that got me was "Each Dinar you purchase represents a share in Iraq's bright future." Currently, $1 = 1469 Iraqi dinars, or 1 IQD = 0.000679094 USD. In other words, 1 Iraqi Dinar is worth a little less than 7 hundredths of a US Penny(0.01). If Iraq's economy were to improve to the point where the 1 IQD was worth .01 Cents(It was worth .31 Centers in 1989) my investment will return me a cool $5,000. What about ten cents to the dollar? About $50,000.

It is a high-risk investment. Currently, the dinar is traded only on tightly controlled markets and the reason it has not been allowed for export or traded on international markets is because the Iraqi Central Bank believes there will be a rout making the currency total unstable, which is anathema at this critical juncture(Every day is a critical juncture). In other words, if it is released to the international community they believe the currency will decline in value.

But I do have the United States on my side. The CPA created designed, and distributed it. The Dinar isn't going anywhere.

And I can sleep well at night knowing I have done my part to support my God, my country, freedom, and the Iraqi people.


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