Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer music blogging

Hey hey again, a similar treatment as below, but this time with music.

As for new stuff that's come out that's really great, I just bought Boris' Pink tonight, and it's all the heavymetal psychedelic rompin' stompin' you'll ever need. Also great is the new Espers album, II, which is like one of these new hippy-dippy, "we live in the forest and play three hundred different instruments all made out of teak wood," "my mom just put money in my account so I can buy this silly velveteen hat," "holy shit we just ate a pound of psilocybin between us but this record still sounds great" kind of bands. Fans of Animal Collective, Devendra, "acid-folk" blah-blah journalistic laziness take note. I hated the new Danielson CD. Totally tuneless crap, despite the presence of our boy Sufjan. Sold it back.

On the old stuff/reissues side of things, the Au Pairs' anthology, Stepping Out of Line, is awesome. It's sort of quaint to hear explicitly political, in-your-face feminist lyrics after a generation of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney et al., but the tunes kick ass and the band's tighter than a bout of collective constipation among the Gang of Four. Early eighties "post"-everything guitar-funk stuff, for those who want a genre.

Talk Talk, Laughing Stock is really pretty and Austin-5000, if you've ever obsessed over "It's My Life" you should check out their full albums. The lead singer sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel, in a very expressive/beautiful way and the bands plays these thick, repeating patterns that start to sound like ambient DJ Shadow if you zone out enough.

That's all for now!


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